Completed Projects

On this page we will show the restoration process of a customer's car from beginning to end. Check out each car and see for yourself the work and detail that goes into each and every job that is completed in our shop.

Marty's 68 SC

I'm really excited about this one! This is a 68 Single cab that was originally sold by a dealership in my home town of Albany NY a year after I was born there. It was rolled when it only had 11,000 original miles. After going through a few sets of hands it landed with Martin from NJ. Unfortunately, a shop began attempting the repair work. Now I get to do it the correct way. Watch us bring this one back to its just original condition!

Adam's 67

Adams 67 has been in his family for a long time and owned by many different family members. She’s a real nice car for having been around.

Mike's 912

Congratulations Mike!! On your winning Dealers choice award at the 2010 AACA show at Cool Srings sponsored by Porsche of Nashville.

Mack's 56 Vert

Mack is a Jedi Master when it comes to knowledge of VW ovals. He purchased the car from the original owner in Florida and has gone to amazing lengths to restore the car as correctly as possible. It was a gem to begin with and it got all the attention it deserved. We also restored an Allstate trailer using the cars color scheme as a test. It turned out sweet and will look even better when pulled behind the Iris Blue verting but is showing the ware. We’ve gone thru all suspension components, transaxle and cosmetics restoring it to pristine condition.

Lunn's 74 Ghia

Dr. Lunn has owned this Ghia for many years. It’s provided many years of fun driving but is showing the ware. We’ve gone thru all suspension components, transaxle and cosmetics restoring it to pristine condition.

Mark's 69 - 912

Mark purchased this nice 912 in Washington State. Although she was in good shape, Mark wanted it done right. I have done a lot of work for Mark over the years and he’s not one to cut corners! She’ll get all new sheet metal where needed, all new seals and show quality paint on top! We also had Richard Onderka install a 1750 big bore kit while the block was out.

Naya's 74

A convertible Sun Bug! Pretty rare. Came out of California and not in too bad of shape, Just banged around pretty good. This is owned by Dave of Bugcity.
· 1600cc dualport
SunBug gold Harvest Gold Met.

Tom's 72

Tom’s 72 came to him as a lot of VW projects end up, unfinished by the previous owner. Just about every new part to finish the project came with it ready to go. Now I just have to do the hard part!

Terry's '66

The Best part of the restoration business is seeing the smile on a customers face when they take their "maiden cruise" after delivering the finished car.  The next best part is this.....seeing a project come back to life during reassembly! Thanks to Lenny at WCCR for the closest to original interior available.
Original 1300 cc
· Bahamma Blau

Morgan's '72

This was a restorers dream. The car was purchased new from Superior VW by Morgan in 72. It’s been with him ever since. Wasn’t running for a decade plus and had a few good dings and dents. Otherwise the most complete and original car I have had the pleasure of working on. Only the best went into this car. German OEM parts or NOS where applicable. Even has new OEM perlon carpeting. It was really fun to watch him take his first drive in it when it was delivered.
· New Brazilian 0 mile long block 1600 dual port
· L30 b Kasan Red

Cole's '77

A Nashville brought here by its previous owner form California. Pretty good shape aside from 5 layers of paint!
· Original Fuel injected 1600 Dual port ( Ran great!)
· Alpine White, Triple White

Kelly's '77

Kelly is a very devout owner who loves her car. Most people would have given up but not her! The pictures tell the story
· 1600cc Dual port (carbureted)
· Alpine White

Mark's '67

Mark bought this car in Texas and has done all the hard stuff himself including all assembly, interior and rebuilt the engine!
· 1500cc Single port built be Mark
· Sahara Beige

Ken's '59

This car has been around the country from Ca to Chicago and then Nashville. I started the restoration for the previous owner who lost interest. The car was purchased by Ken to be given to his wife as a surprise Christmas present. The hard part was keeping it a secret! It was in great shape for having been in a flood half way up the doors! The car is as original as possible including Star pattern door panels and German square weave carpeting. The Seat covers and door panels are West Coast Classic Restoration (The nicest stuff I have ever worked with). Ken opted for a 1500 single port as he and his wife drive it a lot!
· 1500cc Single port
· Fjord Blue

Ralph's 356

This was brought to me after having been painted while back and sitting for years. I basically finished the interior and got her running. A neat car and fun to work on!
· 1500cc Single port
· Fjord Blue

Stan's '69

This is Donna’s car and daily driver. It was in pretty good shape and only needed a little metal work and fresh VW Blue to get it to daily form. Stan has a really nice 66 Kombi.
· 1600cc Single port
· VW Blue
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